Why Recruit ?

About JK Institute

J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology, continues to build its present inspired from its glorious past. It is a pioneer department in the country for teaching and research in the discipline of electronics, communication and computer science.

The department offers following courses:

  • B.Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering)
  • B.Tech.(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • B.Sc.(Computer Science)
  • M.Sc.(Computer Science)
  • M.Tech.(Computer Technology)
  • M.Tech.(Electronic Engineering)
  • D.Phil. programme in Electronics/Computer Technology

These courses have been designed to meet the current challenging demands of the nation.

JK Institute


The department aims to achieve highest levels of excellence in technical education, training and research, and to develop a new breed of competent engineers and software professionals required by the fast emerging global environment today. Its main objectives are:

    --> To Provide Educational and Personality development facilities for preparing worthy citizens of tomorrow.
    --> To conduct and contribute to the scientific and technical growth of the society.
    --> To conduct need based training programmes,workshops,seminars etc.

Choosing coals that is veiled diamond~Our Admission Criteria

  • Since 2008, with the introduction of the four year degree course pattern, J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology has been inducting the students through AIEEE. The institute is listed in the Central Counselling Board (JEE Main)

  • “Only the top 1.66% rankers of JEE Main get admission in the B.Tech course of J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology through the Central Counselling Board.”

    from where the top rankers of JEE Main seek admission in the B.Tech course. The closing rank for the college is circa 20,000 for general category with no state quota. This makes our student selection criteria stern enough to acknowledge the elite layer of intellectual minds of the country, who finally appear for the campus interviews after being polished by the highly renowned professors of the nation.
  • Our intake of students every year is limited to 45 per branch so as to maintain the high standards of imparting the best of theoretical as well as practical knowledge to each student indifferently.

A blend of vocation and delight ~ Life at JKIAPT

We believe in an environment of work built with pleasure. Our students and faculty strive for a workplace that is a perfect fusion of curricular and extra-curricular activities.
J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology has a strong background of curricular conduct. We offer an ideal array of courses with syllabus that is determined with judicious selection.

Courses Offered:

  • B.Tech: The Bachelor of Technology programme is offered in Electronics & Communication and Computer Science Engineering. The eight semester programme aims at a strong grounding in the respective fields of engineering with strong emphasis on core fundamentals and practical exposure. The curriculum also includes a project which aims at inculcating a sense of original research and gives exposure to cutting edge research being undertaken at the institute. The number of intake is 45 in each branch, ECE and CSE.
  • M.Tech: The programme admits graduate students in various specializations in the field of Electronics & Communications. The programme strikes a balance between course-work and research. The students are admitted on the basis of their GATE scores. The number of intake is 30.
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science): Computer Science is one of the subjects which is taught in the department. The other subjects are taught in the respective departments. One combination is Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science in which the intake is of 100 students in a batch. The other combination is Mathematics, Psychology and Computer Science. Another set of students are admitted in the vocational course of Computer Maintenance.
  • M.Sc. (Computer Science): The two year (four semester) programme ropes in the very best of the computer science graduates and nurtures them to provide for excellence in their respective field. The intake is 45 students.
  • D.Phil. Programme: The department has D.Phil programmes in the area of Electronics, Communication and Computer Science.

A place to mould your interest~Student Clubs and societies


The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India’s leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication, and IT. Founded in 1953 it serves more than 70,000 members through 57 centres spread all over India and abroad. The IETE activities started in Allahabad some 25 years back, in the year 1984, with the efforts of Prof. K K Bhutani, Dr. G S Darbari and Prof. Nar Singh and other faculty members of J K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology under the leadership of Prof S N Ghosh. The center has earned a good name in the country on the platform of IETE by organizing S N Ghosh award lecture by eminent scientists in the Country. Starting from the year 1998-1999 very senior scientists and engineers from different parts of the country like Prof MGK Menon, Prof R A Mashalker, Prof Govind Swaroop, Prof. S Pal and like have delivered lecture under the auspices of Allahabad centre.

IEEE Allahabad Chapter

The IEEE Allahabad chapter was started to complement the burning scientific temperament of the department. The IEEE guest lectures series was a great success. The lectures delivered discussed how present engineers are solving the problems faced by industry such as in computers, power grids, Railway signalling system, 4G LTE et.al. Apart from the flagship programme the chapter also guides students and members to submit research papers for national and international conferences and journals.

    JK Robotix


JK ROBOTIX is one of the foremost student clubs that has been successfully running in the institute for the past 2 years. Started on a batch- level, the club currently comprises of more than hundred actively participating members from each and every batch of the institute. The club proceedings are handled by a group of students itself who have been assigned duties based on their skill and potential.
The club is aimed at reaching to all the robotics enthusiasts of our prestigious institute and providing this elementary level knowledge about manual to autonomous bots to each one of them.


Society of Electronic Engineers is a society in the department comprising teachers and students who work for the welfare of students as well as organize various academic, sports, cultural events in the department. The society provides financial support to the poor students, honours the brilliant students through scholarships, provides fund to the students for organizing various activities in the department. It motivates students for improving the overall personality by participating in various academic, sport and cultural functions.


Started as a student’s group in 2013 to provide an opportunity that would give students the ability to raise their cognition sphere and academia and enhance their common intelligentsia so that they would be ready to excel, LYCEUM is the largest student’s club of J.K.I.A.P.T strength wise and aims to enhance the literary and academic skills of students.

   Competitive Programming Group


A platform with a aim to represent J.K.I.A.P.T in ACM ICPC, the group was started in 2013 with an aim to assimilate all the coding minds of the institute under one roof and amplify their abilities. In a short span of time, the group has some noteworthy achievements to its account.

  • VIkram VIvek and Saurabh Dutta of B.Tech 8 th semester were placed in top 300 in TCS Software testing competition TESTIMONY where 20000 teams participated.
  • Swati Garg, from B.Tech 4th semester ECE was ranked among Top10 of Women Techmakers Code Jam organized by HackerEarth with GDG New Delhi on International Women’s Day 2014.

  • Two students Raj Krishna Srivastava and Varun Singh got qualified for the Grand Finale by securing 5th rank internationally in TCS CodeVita V.
  • A team consisting of three students Shivam Singh, Mohit Agrawal and Pranay Raj Anand got qualified for India finals in ACM ICPC 2017.

   The Lesson Outside the classrooms~The Festas

   SWAT Cup

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. The gravity of this statement can be seen in the Soccer Tournament of J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology, where the students of all batches actively participate in the 3-day event in September-October. It is a pleasure to see girls participating with equal enthusiasm as boys. The vigorous practice sessions and challenging matches infuse zeal and passion, making the students physically fit and dynamic for various challenges ahead.

    Techno Cup

Techno Cup
Techno Cup
The eternal love for the sport of cricket among both students and staff can be sensed in the Techno Cup organized in the month of February. Teams of students and staff from J.K., as well as from neighbouring colleges like MNNIT, IERT, Shambhunath and UNITED play the matches and perform marvellously.


A welcome ceremony for the new batch of the department is organised by the second year students in the month of September every year. The newbie get a chance to get familiar with the place which is their home for the next four years. The fest gives them a chance to be introduced to the members of J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology and get acquainted with the convivial environment prevailing in the department.

   Alumni Meet

We have always felt a great sense of pride in the alumni of our institute and their remarkable achievements. March is the time to walk down the memory lane with the complete family of J.K. in the annual alumni meets of the college where hundreds of alumni revisit their home. It is an occasion to cherish the days that they spent here and express their gratitude towards the priceless moments that they received from this institute.

   AVIRBHAV | Fiesta for Renaissance

With spring revisiting the city, the wait for the most awaited week of the year is over.

‘Avirbhav: Fiesta for Renaissance’, the annual cultural and technical fest of the department, is welcomed by each and every student with immense eagerness.

It is a carnival for the incredible talent dwelling in the college. The 5- day fest is inaugurated with a cause oriented marathon followed by various sports, academic, formal and informal events that finally end in a spectacular cultural eve. The fest is autonomously organized by the students bringing in a great deal of sponsorship from several organizations.

An uphill struggle doesn't go unrewarded ~ Student Achievements


Here is the list of top achievers in many competitive examinations like GATE, GRE, CAT from our college. Which is the mile stones for our students.

Other Competitions

JK Institute is not only limited to such exams, but the students of this college have the potential to participate and win any National level competition. Here are some of the great achievements of our students in different competitions.


    E Yantra robotics competition, a combined initiative of IIT Bombay and Ministry of HRD, provides a platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and programming skills in embedded systems and robotics.

    • JK ALD AUTOMATORS comprising of Bhaskar and Sapan Agarwal emerged as winners in Pot Hole Filler theme in 2013 finals.
    • JK ICEMINDS ALLAHABAD comprising of Souham Biswas, Saurabh Dutta and Rajul Prakash Gupta were the second runner up in 2013 finals of Room Cleaner theme.
    • In 2014, JK ICEMINDS ALLAHABAD comprising of Souham Biswas, Shubham Singh, Praveen Kumar and Aditya Raj bagged 3rd position
    • In 2015, Our all four teams bagged positions


      Team 1(Members):
        ->Jayant Solanki              ->Devender Jangir
        ->Uttam Gupta                ->Dhirendra Sagar
      Team 2(Members):
        ->Bhumika Varshnay             ->Sakshi Gupta
        ->Apoorva Bhargwa               ->Archie Mittal

      Runner Ups:

      Team 1(Members):
        ->Shantam Shrivastava             ->Raj Krishna Shrivastava
        ->Keshav Bihani                        ->Gopinidhi Harshwardhan
      Team 2(Members):
        ->Alok singh                        ->Ajitesh Pratap Singh
        ->Shashank Maurya             ->Suraj Singh

    • In 2016, Our College has been rocked in the IIT Bombay. Definately, the legacy continues and our six teams bagged positions this year.


      Team 1(Members):
        ->Shantam Shrivastava              ->Raj Krishna Shrivastava
        ->Keshav Bihani                         ->Gopinidhi Harshwardhan
      Team 2(Members):
        ->Abhishek Rathore                            ->Jatin Mittal
        ->Gorji Parmeshwar Sampath             ->Aditya Kumar

      3rd Position:

      Team 1(Members):
        ->Gaurav Gupta                  ->Pulkit Prakash
        ->Prabhat Kumar Singh
      Team 2(Members):
        ->Amabarish Singh
        ->Navodit Singh

      4th Position:

      Team 1(Members):
        ->Bhumika Varshnay              ->Apoorva Bhargawa
        ->Archie Mittal                       ->Sakshi Gupta
      Team 2(Members):
        ->Alok singh                ->Ajitesh Pratap Singh
        ->Suraj singh               ->Shashank Maurya

    Lagecy Continues...

    • Department’s Badminton team led by Abhishek Chaturvedi, emerged as winners of SMASH THAT! a district level Inter college badminton competition.
    • VIkram VIvek and Saurabh Dutta of B.Tech 6th semester were placed in top 300 in TCS Software testing competition TESTIMONY where 20000 teams participated.
    • A group of dancers from our department led by Kulwinder Kaur won the first prize in the theme based group dance of the cultural fest of IIIT-A.
    • Jayantika Arora was chosen as April Artist of the month by Teen Voices Magazine, Boston and her art was exhibited in Boston School of Arts.
    • A team consisting of three students Gaurav Gupta, Prabhat Kumar Singh and Ronak Kedia got 3rd position in Robomania, Avishkar-2015 (The annual techno-management fest of MNNIT, Allahabad) in the theme ValarMoghulis.
    • Two students Raj Krishna Srivastava and Varun Singh got qualified for the Grand Finale by securing 5th rank internationally inTCS CodeVita V.
    • A team consisting of three students Shivam Singh, Mohit Agrawal and Pranay Raj Anand got qualified for India finals in ACM ICPC 2017.
    • Mahendra Pratap Singh Bhadoria ,student of 2016 batch(ECE) got selected for the post of Scientist/Engineer at SAC/ISRO-Indian Space Research Organisation.